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elcom has been supporting its employees, customers and partners since 1986.

Developments in society, technologies and products have been very significant over the past 30 years, and the world today is a different place to what it was a generation ago.

Beyond elcom’s traditional playing fields of France, Germany and Europe, elcom has developed internationally, in China and India, since 2011.

Our mission, supported by a strategic vision, “elcom 2020“, is to invent tomorrow’s world so that it best satisfies the well-being of our employees and the expectations of our customers and partners.

During the process of our industrial project, respect for individuals and sustainable development are very important pillars.

Our mission, therefore, is to delight and continue to delight our customers, employees and partners throughout the duration of an ambitious and dynamic industrial project, resulting in the growth of all stakeholders.

elcom is a player within a globalised market and has the capacity to track and support its customers worldwide, which is an integral part of its mission.