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elcom’s History

Complete history of elcom

elcom’s founders

Holder of a DUT diploma in mechanics, Alain Teillon began his career as a design draughtsman. He designed specialist machinery assemblies, aluminium-work and then form equipment assemblies. He was then appointed Purchasing Manager at SCEMI. He then met Didier Dailler, a graduate with a DUT diploma in welding from Le Creusot Institute of Technology, who had gained his experience in specialist machinery, allowing him to acquire the expertise necessary for industrial jobs. During a trip to a trade fair in Zurich, he discovered the products by item along with Alain Teillon, who at the time was in charge of purchasing for the same company. In 1986, they decided to establish elcom, aiming to distribute the aluminium profiles produced by item in France. The partners quickly became well known, thanks to their networks and the trade fairs in which they participated, demonstrating their qualities as purchasers and their technical solutions.

elcom was thus born out of the idea of selling modular construction elements, and made a quick start from 1988, prospering thanks to a tight-knit team. During the initial years, armed with an innovative new product, all profits were invested in stock, in order to respond rapidly to customer requests. The 90s saw the development of several products, with elcom prospering in its initial premises, measuring 1000m², in the region of Bourgoin-Jallieu. Relations with the manufacturer item likewise went from strength to strength. With its numerous innovative technical ideas, the directors allowed the organisation to grow and be re-organised into departments responding to the varied needs of customers within the industrial sector.

The strong partnership with item, a global player

Established in 1976 and based in Germany, item has a presence throughout the whole of Europe, but also in the United States and in Asia. Item is a group of successful companies, whose business activities contribute to the development and marketing of components intended for the construction of production equipment, industrial machines and installations throughout the entire world. With the help of these components, customers develop, design and construct the most diverse range of production equipment, with a view to the rational implementation of manufacturing, assembly and material flow processes, internally or for their own customers. Thanks to the establishment of a presence in Germany, as well as a presence throughout the whole of Europe, the Group’s strategic activities could now target the expansion of the organisation in the United States and in Asia. Independence on a capital injection level and sustainable productivity provide the basis for a responsible corporate policy, founded on continual growth.

The early years and key dates

elcom is founded in 1986 based on the idea of two equal partners who decide to distribute in France the range of products produced by the German company item. From 1988, success is achieved, enabling the organisation to continue to grow for more than 25 years. The quality of the company over the course of many years was to be the result of the “common sense” its directors apply in the area of financial management.

In 1991, elcom purchases land on which it sets up a new factory and finds development stability in 1993. In 2000, having completed several projects, elcom improves its transfer and conveyor systems and launches TLM. This extension to the range of item products was to enable the company to develop internationally. The company opens a second factory in Le Plessis-Bouchard in Paris. The profiles and products in the elcom range offer their customers innovation in terms of usage, vast possibilities when it comes to modularity and an alternative to mechanised welding techniques.

The creation of TLM

Created in 2000, TLM is set up in the new premises at the start of 2004, having previously operated in elcom’s former premises. During the first four years, TLM operates via elcom with national clients, in particular with automotive equipment and electromechanical manufacturers. The products produced are belt conveyors and pallet transfer systems. The company develops a good reputation, with its simple, high-performance systems, thus reinforcing the reputation of elcom, which markets TLM products in France, thereby complementing its product range. During this period Franck Stache, on returning from the USA, decides to launch elcom GmbH with a view to developing export in Germany.

The arrival of Éric Vergne

A graduate in mechanical engineering and holder of an MBA from EM Lyon (Lyon Business School), Éric Vergne left for 5 years to conquer new markets in Europe and in the USA, in the field of technical textiles (Diatex). For 2 years, he held the role of Sales Manager for a subsidiary of the Bailly Comte Group (Soded). Then, after 8 years of sales management for the Revol Group, he spent 5 years in the post of Managing Director of Maagtechnic, an SME employing 120 people and realising a turnover of €22m.

Éric Vergne was to bring a new dynamic to the company, with a new style of management and an industrial vision for the future. He was to rely on an existing organisation, established on the basis of 25 years’ experience, and do what was necessary to move forward in a coherent and dynamic manner.

The acquisition of elcom Deutschland

Germany is the largest industrial market in Europe. It is a promising market that represents a major development potential for our company. It is important for elcom to position itself within this market in a dynamic and sustainable manner.

elcom has just purchased 100% of elcom Deutschland. This is a strategic acquisition, to allow us to better manage our industrial project, to secure our approach within the German market and to develop our company on a global scale, since German companies export their expertise all over the world.